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Re: Ranter or evangelist?

> Tim wrote
>>There's gnome-mplayer (there's probably a KDE variant), and smplayer, to
try out, at least.
>>I have used GUI programs like XMMS or Audacious to play streams, but
sometimes you need to tweak the preferences, to increase cache sizing,
to avoid skips.  Totem is too much of a black box (not enough options to
play with).
> Before seeing above response,
> I had just tried  smplayer and it seems to be working well
> no skips

I can't agree. This is a gross understatement. With SMplayer, the picture
is perfect, but the sound... the sound! It puts you right in the middle of
the scene. ( I have enhanced stereo and surround 4 enabled... on

I watched The Thomas Crown Affair yesterday and, when you're in the back
seat of the truck at the beginning of the film, you really are there: the
sound of the engine, the brakes, etc. are just so real.

Only with a little preamp!

Controlling back/forward with arrows and pgup pgdown works best.

If anybody thinks there's a better movie player, I'd try it but AFAIC,
it's kudos to Ricardo Villalba and his team. Great work!

> smplayer -playlist  xxxxxxxxx.pls
> and it comes up with a  small  window that has volume slider and mute
just what i want..

In option, there's one for installing a very small icon in the panel.
That's how I start it.

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