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Ultimate Linux Remote Control

I have been building Linux media center and one thing that was missing
was a great remote control. I was impressed with Fiire Chief remote,
but it is too expensive and the Fiire company stopped making it ;(

Then I found out that you can use Wiimote on Linux and that it costs
40$ on Ebay.

This guide isn’t intended only for those with Media Centers, because
you can use Wiimote as a remote for any desktop application,
presentations or even games.

There are some basic hardware requirement likes usb bluetooth dongle
or bluetooth already built in your laptop and Nintendo Wiimote.

This guide is more focused on Fedora but you can use it with OpenSuse,
Arch and Ubuntu. The main difference is how to install tools, other
things should be same. There is also an Ubuntu guide that you can use
as parallel with this guide.

If you are interested in this topic please read the full article at:

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact
me. If somebody likes this article feel free to transfer it to Fedora


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