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Re: amaya in repos?

Okay, my report on trying to compile Amaya for ppc.

On Jul 19, 2009, at 7:35 PM, Joel Rees wrote,

Ed Greshko responded,
Joel Rees wrote:
> Amaya shows to be orphaned, last entry is Fedora 9:
> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/packages/name/amaya? _csrf_token=1e50eca0476c3f20d764e66baf5cfd9654b11dc6
> Neither yum info nor yum search seem to find it. At least, not on a
> ppc machine.
> Have orphaned projects been removed?
> Would the best approach at this point be to download the source from
> w3.org and build? Anybody use it? Care to comment? Especially,
> concerning the ability to enter Japanese?
Have you tried their rpm?


Thanks, Ed.

I have a habit of building from source things that aren't in the distro packages.

And, now that I think of it, they don't have a binary for ppc.

One of the source packages they provide comes with all the dependencies, and I don't recognize a couple of them. freetype and w3c-libwww were installed, redland was not, but was in the regular repos.

Parts of Mesa seem to be installed, other parts seem to be n the repositories. I suppose the quickest way to find out if it's enough is to try building it.

yum search wxWidgets gives me a list of stuff like bacula-console- wxwidgets, compat-wxGTK26, and, hmm. Maybe that would be wxBase and wxGTK and wxGTK-gl and wxGTK-media, which are already installed.

I needed the -devel versions of gtk2 and Mesa-libGl (I think they were) in addition to what I already had, then the configure script ran to completion. Just to be helpful, I installed bison and the gnu fortran compiler. And I think there was one other -devel package that I had to intuit from the configure script's messages (using yum search).

Anyway, it looks confusing, and I guess I was hoping there would be someone on the list here who has used it recently and could tell me the lay of the land before I wade in.

Well, I guess I'll try building it after the family is all in bed. Or maybe set the build going now, before I start washing the dishes. Or maybe get the RPM, since it looks possible that I have all the dependencies, now that I've looked again.

Took me a little longer to get at it than I thought, but I did try compiling, and ended up with a lot of compiler error messages about things not declared correctly and such. Then the X11 session ran wild and I had to use the virtual terminal to kill the entire X11 login (KDE) to get it back. So I didn't get a chance to grab the error messages this time.

Okay, this project goes on a back burner for a while. Maybe I'll use a gnome session, since KDE on PPC feels a little fragile sometimes.

Or, maybe I'll try building it on my AMD box first.

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