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Re: install F11 ON a USB-HDD, ... TERRIBLE

Daniel Kirsten wrote:
>> You can fix this by booting in the rescue mode from the install CD,
>> (Can you do this with the netinstall CD?) letting it mount your
>> partitions. Cchroot to the mounted system, edit
>> /boot/grub/device.map, and re-install grub.
> I tried this.  I replaced /dev/sdc by /dev/sda in devices.map
> on the USB-drive and made grub-install.  It did not work.
> As a result, I can no longer boot from the built-in drive!!!
> This is a terrible desaster for me.  The built-in drive contains 
> my working F10 installation.
> I booted from a F10 Installation CD in rescue mode.
> The data is still present (under /mnt/sysimage).
> Can anyone please explain how can I make the built-drive 
> bootable again?
> Daniel
Do the same thing again, and change back the map. It sounds like you
were working with the system on the hard drive, and not the one on
the USB drive. I should have been more specific about what install
to use.


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