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Re: Ranter or evangelist?

RAhul Sundaram wrote:

> There is no "Pirut" in Fedora 11.

I thought that was how the graphical interface was called. I checked. it's
gpk-application 2.27.3 , just as for everybody, I guess.

> If you search for a word in
> PackageKit, it will use wild cards to get the full list of packages that
> match the search criteria

I suppose that's what gpk-application does.

> but you are the one selecting the packages and shouldn't be blindly
> selecting all of them.

Absolutely, because I had a choice: "I" knew what XMMS was. A newbie
wouldn't know. If he was very careful a newbie would read:

"Xmms-MPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS that allows you to play all
audio and video files in XMMS. Thus, allowing you to use XMMS as a
playlist frontend for MPlayer. This project aims at merely being a
connecting link between XMMS and MPlayer. It does not intend to get
involved into any processing of video files, all that is left to MPlayer."

This looks nice, but it's pain to get XMMS working for a newbie and the
application is considered legacy. Wouldn't it be nice if it wasn't in the
list of applications that are suggested to install with mplayer? I'm sure
people who love XMMS would find it very easy to install with yum... or
even rpm.

> It is clear from the discussion that you have mistakenly installed and
> uninstalled some packages.

You know how it is, sometimes you get tired, you don't feel like checking,
you don't or can't evaluate the consequences. I'll certainly take a closer
look now, but, once again...

How would anybody not familiar with gpk-application imagine that by
removing a CD/DVD burner that doesn't work, namely Brasero, he'll also
remove a very valuable application for listening to music (Rhythmbox) and,
by the same occasion, also remove sound-juicer, which I know little about,
but I suppose could be useful for other applications?

I reinstalled sound-juicer with yum in case I later get faced with a
ripping problem and I don't remember it has been removed. I was never
advised that I had to install Brasero, neither was it even suggested. So
why does erasing Brasero suggest to erase sound-juicer?

IANAP and maybe the logics of what I ask would be too complicated to
implement but, if not, wouldn't it make life easier for most users?

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