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Re: install F11 ON a USB-HDD, ... TERRIBLE

Daniel Kirsten wrote:
>> Do the same thing again, and change back the map. It sounds like you
>> were working with the system on the hard drive, and not the one on
>> the USB drive. I should have been more specific about what install
>> to use.
>> Mikkel
>> -- 
> It did not work.  The device.map on the buit-in drive is dated December 2008
> (when I installed F10).
> I tried    grub-install hd0   but I got the message 
> /dev/mapper/jmicron_Jp3 does not have any corresponding BIOS entry.
Try "grub-install /dev/sda". (without quotes.)

For the USB install, you need to use "grub-install /dev/sdc" instead
of "grub-install hd0" because you want to install grub to the USB
drive, not the internal drive.

I definitely should wait until after the second cup of coffee before
answering questions. I took too much for granted, and did not
explain in enough detail. I am sorry about that.


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