Ranter or evangelist?

gilpel at altern.org gilpel at altern.org
Tue Jul 21 03:08:02 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 09:31 +0500, gilpel at altern.org wrote:
> It's really weird. I already said that you have a gift for explaining,
which means you're certainly not completely dumb. How come you can't
understand the importance of market share for Linux?

a. This is Linux, other than for the few for-sale distributions "market
share" is inappropriate terminology.


Indeed. "World domination fast" was a really bad joke:


I'm sure people who are playing the game of reverse engineering the codecs
and making sure that everything works despite all Microsoft attempts (1)
will keep on doing so in another 18 years from now, even with only
0.0000...1% of people on the net using Linux.

(1) It's the first time ever that I can read MWV at Radio-Canada without
endless hassles.

Same goes for DeCss. There's absolutely no need to have people understand
what using "their Windows" really means. Windows is free, ins,T it: you
get it when you buy a computer! One wonders where Microsoft's billion$
come from.

And, of course, all state television will use open source formats.

Anyways, you couldn't care less since you watch video in binary format,

Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts! I've had this discussion with happy
losers all too often. Enough for now.



Excuse me for being rude. I don't know how old you are, but I'd getting
dangerously close to 60 and I've known "les années folles" of the
non-profit organisations where everything was all right until everything
went haywire.

Then, of course, everything had to go haywire since it was a non-profit
organisation. Of course, again, I understand Linux is a radically new form
of non-profit organisation where all the biggies -- Intel, IBM,
Google,etc. -- are involved. Still, my conviction is Linux has to be run
by the books, otherwise the end is too well known.

I've seen this happen too often. Even if some of those organisations have
worked for decades, in the end, the market rules.

In computer science, a domain that is so fundamental to all human
activities, Microsoft has always come up from the bottom. First, it
figured networks and the internet weren't important. Now they've got what,
40% of the server market?

Yes, Google stands a chance of superseding Microsoft, but Google, just as
IBM and Intel, is on the stock exchange. It has seen the value of its
share skyrocket and, despite all its assurances, don't believe for a
minute it's playing the open source game. GPL3 will have to be sweetened
till it has no meaning before they abide by its rules.

For Linux too, very soon, it's going to be "Now, you play the game!" Which
doesn't mean it will have to disavow its ideals, but it will certainly
have to think seriously about "World domination, fast", in other words,
market share.

I've suggested you read "From Microsoft Word to Microsoft World", Tim. I
haven't received one single word of comment. Have you just taken a look at
the document? Do you read fuckin' manuals other than about programming?
Did you ever read about administration principles? Do you really believe
admistration is bullshit?

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