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Re: F11 and PulseAudio

2009/7/20 Markus Kesaromous <remotestar live com>:
>> From: amadeus84 verizon net
>>> Are there F11 media packages built without PulseAudio?
>> mplayer, mpg321 and I'd be surprised if the rest of the gamut can only
>> function with pulseaudio, because virtually all of these have been around
>> long before pulseaudio.
> Thanx for the heads up.
> It turned out that even though doing yum install of these packages causes the pulseaudio rpms to be installed as dependencies, someone on this list clued me that some of the media packages have a config file (such as mplayer) where you set up the audio output device to something other than pulseaudio. Since I have set it to alsa, I no longer have the problem I reported: namely that pulseaudio daemon was chewing up to 35% of cpu wen audio was playing.

I understand the workaround makes things work for you. Everyone keeps
complaining about pulseaudio and always as a fix someone suggests a
workaround that effectively disables it, but wouldn't a bug report
help improve pulseaudio?

Isn't the idea behind pulseaudio (multiple applications being able to
access the sound hardware simultaneously) a rather useful one? I would
think the community would welcome such a move and help further the
development rather than advocate opposition.

I would report the problems if I had one. I have used pulseaudio
without a single problem so far both in F10 and F11. (except for the
inaudible default volume setting which was easily taken care of by
alsamixer) All I am trying to say is, a bug report would help rather
than disabling and forgetting about it.

Just a thought ...


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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