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Re: Success - finally

First, let me clarify something that I didn't explain well enough due to my excitement. I have not done much optimization at this point but am just excited that I was able to install a customized kernel that actually worked! (I've had nothing but failures over the years I've tinkered with it.)

At this point, the only customization I've done is 1) setting it up to compile only with code specific to my processor by turning off code for most every other type and 2) turned off checking for some of the features that I knew my processor and chip set didn't have. I used the "make xconfig" command to go through the options since it is a nice interface. It will be from this point on where I start trying the more risky settings to attempt speeding it up and shrink it down more.

Of course, now that I'm starting to customize my system in this way, I've had to turn off having Yum do automatic updates as I will have to screen them for packages that would actually damage my customized system.


P.S. My purposes for wanting to customize my system include streamlining the kernel, controlling when and how updates are done, preventing installation of unwanted software (one of the major weaknesses of the package system of installation is that sometimes it says another package is required when it is actually optional or may interfere with another program that is installed which offers the same or similar features thereby replacing the "required" package.), etc.

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