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Re: Fedora 11: can't read debugging symbols anymore

On 07/19/2009 12:54 AM, Mildred Ki'Lya wrote:
> On 07/17/2009 12:29 AM, Tom Horsley wrote:
>> I just tried building my Qt app "kewpie" with debug info and running
>> it under debugger, and it works fine for me. (Fedora 11 64 bit).
>> Are you trying to look at locals inside a constructor? g++ is
>> notoriously dreadful at generating debug info for constructor
>> bodies for some reason.
>> http://home.att.net/~Tom.Horsley/kewpie/kewpie.html
> Thanks
> Or perhaps that's because I miss the time to update to Fedora 11 from
> rawhide, and I had quite some problems back then when I downgraded from
> rawhide to F11. I may still have repositories that gives me wrong
> updates or rawhide packages.
That was it. I thought I found all the rawhide packages on my computer,
but I had gcc 4.4.0-8 from rawhide still there (I found it while trying
to install eclipse, complaining that gcc 4.4.0-4 wasn't available)

I think that's solved now. (still have to check)



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