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restarting mobile broadband


I asked this question on the network manager
mailing list but didn't get answer, so I thought
I'd try here.

I'm a newbie to NetworkManager and have a few
questions.  I have a verizon wireless pcmcia
card.  It is working with NetworkManager, but the
connection drops from time to time and doesn't
restart.  I have the "connect automatically"
configuration option set, and that seems to work
on startup.  But is doesn't reconnect automatically
when the connection dies.  So, here are my

1) Is there an option that I'm missing to tell it
to reconnect automatically?
2) Is there a command-line method to start
the connection so I can roll my own
reconnection script?
3) Is there a way to reconnect a VPN
connection when the mobile broadband
connection is restarted?
4) Is there a way to keep track of total bytes
transferred through a mobile broadband
connection over multiple sessions?  I'd
like to keep track of how close I'm getting
to the Verizon 5GB monthly limit.



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