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Re: Functional GIT on F11 ?

Aaron Gray wrote:
> Ah 'the man' Paul, this is good to hear, do you know of a howto for
> Fedora + GIT + SSH Pushes as I could not get it to work, even with
> SELinux in permissive mode.

There shouldn't be much, if anything, Fedora specific about this, so
the git User Manual is probably a good place to start:


(There are a lot of git tutorials on the web, many of which are filled
with incorrect, outdated, or otherwise useless information. :)

> If not could you give me any hints or pointers as to how to do this.

Assuming you have ssh access to a remote host already, it can be as
simple as:

$ gitdir="/path/to/some.git"
$ ssh remotehost "mkdir -p $gitdir; git --git-dir $gitdir init --bare"
$ cd /path/to/local/git-repo
$ git push ssh://remotehost/path/to/some.git master

Without knowing just what part of this is giving you trouble, it's
hard to be more helpful.  Let us know where you are getting stuck and
I'm sure we can help get you past the problem(s).

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