Functional GIT on F11 ?

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Tue Jul 21 17:57:58 UTC 2009

2009/7/21 Todd Zullinger <tmz at>

> Aaron Gray wrote:
> > Ah 'the man' Paul, this is good to hear, do you know of a howto for
> > Fedora + GIT + SSH Pushes as I could not get it to work, even with
> > SELinux in permissive mode.
> There shouldn't be much, if anything, Fedora specific about this, so
> the git User Manual is probably a good place to start:
> (There are a lot of git tutorials on the web, many of which are filled
> with incorrect, outdated, or otherwise useless information. :)
> > If not could you give me any hints or pointers as to how to do this.
> Assuming you have ssh access to a remote host already, it can be as
> simple as:
> $ gitdir="/path/to/some.git"
> $ ssh remotehost "mkdir -p $gitdir; git --git-dir $gitdir init --bare"
> $ cd /path/to/local/git-repo
> $ git push ssh://remotehost/path/to/some.git master
> Without knowing just what part of this is giving you trouble, it's
> hard to be more helpful.  Let us know where you are getting stuck and
> I'm sure we can help get you past the problem(s).
Thanks, I will have a go tomorrow as I have not touched GIT for a few months
now and need to jem up again. The let you know what problems I was having if
I cannot get it to work.

IIRC pull over SSH worked but push did not, either that or I could not get
SSH to work at all with GIT, sorry I cannot remember.

Thanks again,

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