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Last adjustments

Everything works fine with my system and I'm doing the last adjustments
for more convenience. Here are a few issues I can't find solutions to.

Q: Getting OOo to work normally with clipboard?

Normally, when I want to copy text, I select it with the mouse and I paste
it with the middle button (wheel) wherever I want to paste it. If I want
to erase it in the place the text has been copied from, I just press the
DEL button before copying. It's very intuitive and it really seems that's
how things should work.

But that's not the way OOo Writer works. Sometimes the text selected with
the mouse is copied to clipboard (Klipper), sometimes it isn't and it
never pastes with the mouse unless I reselect it in Klipper so that a
checkmark appears beside the entry.

I don't really feel like going back to the CTRL C, X, V, era. Has anybody
managed to have OOo work with the clipboard as other application do?

Q: Selecting urlbar content, but not copying?

It used to be there was a way to select the content of the urlbar in
Firefox with a single click without having it copied to the clipboard. You
could then proceed to Wikipedia, Google or some dictionary, and paste the
content of the clipboard to make a search without having to reselect it
because the erased URL has entered the clipboard.

I can't find ant way to do this anymore. Anybody knows how to proceed?

Q: Keeping "New File" out of klipboard?

Sometimes, when I create a new file, even though I'm very careful not to
select "New File" to erase it and I just type the name of the file over
it, "New File" gets copied to th eclipboard. Is there any way to preven

Cause, most of the time, what I have in the clipboard is what I want to
copy to the new file and I've got to reselect it.

Q: Being asked for permission before deleting multiple files?

With GNOME, when you delete files from the desktop, they go to trash
without confirmation. If you have another file selected before selecting a
file to delete, it goes to trash without you knowing it. If you don't
review each file that you can't remember the content when emptying trash,
you might lose valuable files.

In Nautilus, under File management preferences, Trash, "Ask before
emptying Trash or deleting files" is checked and even when files are
deleted in Nautilus, no confirmation is asked.

By default, KDE always asks when deleting files. Is it possible to have
GNOME do the same?

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