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Vista Won't Boot From Grub Under F11

I've just installed F11 on my wife's machine, which is some cheap Gateway thing. Everything is working fine except that Vista (I'm hoping to be able to get rid of it for her, but not yet...) will not boot from grub. It starts to boot, then dies and dumps me into the System Recovery thing. I was able to restore the MBR as Vista wants it to be, and then it would boot fine again, and so I can use the popup boot chooser either to boot Vista or to find my way into grub. But this is not really what I want. I'd rather just use grub.

I've experimented there will various "root (hdx,y)" settings, but none of them allow me to boot Vista: Same thing happens.

More info:
* Vista is on the first hard drive.
* There is a /boot partition on the second hard drive, which is also where F11 lives. * I've had to use acpi=off to get the keyboard and mouse to work (either USB or PS/2).

There is something odd happening with the bios mappings. Although grub is on the second hard drive, I have to use (hd0,0) for the splash image and also for the "root" argument to get F11 to boot. Nonetheless, once F11 does boot, its own drive appears as /dev/sdb.

The device.map nonetheless maps /dev/sda to (hd0) and /dev/sdb to (hd1).

Any helpful ideas?


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