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Re: Ranter or evangelist?

> On 7/21/2009 6:52 PM, Craig White wrote:
>> On Wed, 2009-07-22 at 04:20 +0930, Tim wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2009-07-21 at 01:23 +0500, gilpel altern org wrote:
>>>> I'm sure people who are playing the game of reverse engineering the
>>>> codecs and making sure that everything works despite all Microsoft
>>>> attempts (1) will keep on doing so in another 18 years from now, even
>>>> with only 0.0000...1% of people on the net using Linux.
>>> Of course you DON'T realise is that those creating those codecs are
>>> using the system.  They'll keep on creating them, so long as they're
>>> using them.
>>> I'm beginning to suspect that you're Karl 1.2.
>> ----
>> me too - he's probably 1 post away from my kill file.
> Especially since the Codecs he is ranting about don't belong to, nor
> were they made/written by, Microsoft.  :-)

"Windows Media Video (WMV) is a compressed video file format for several
proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft. The original codec, known as
WMV, was originally designed for Internet streaming applications, as a
competitor to RealVideo. The other codecs, such as WMV Screen and WMV
Image, cater for specialized content. Through standardization from the
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE),[1][2] WMV has
gained adoption for physical-delivery formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray

"Windows Media Video (WMV) is the most recognized codec within the WMV
family. Usage of the term WMV often refers to this codec only. Its main
competitors are MPEG-4 AVC, AVS, RealVideo, DivX, and Xvid. The first
version of the codec, WMV 7, was introduced in 1999, and was built upon
Microsoft's implementation of MPEG-4 Part 2."


Would it be too Karl 1.2 to ask you to elaborate? Do you have a reference
indicating that the rights to the WMV codecs still belong to the Moving
Picture Experts Group.... or the Society of Motion Picture and Television
Engineers, or anybody else.

When people have something to say, I'm ready to listen.

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