Ranter or evangelist?

gilpel at altern.org gilpel at altern.org
Wed Jul 22 06:33:06 UTC 2009

> On Tue, 2009-07-21 at 08:08 +0500, gilpel at altern.org wrote:
>> Excuse me for being rude
> No.
> Oh, and I'm middle-aged, and run a debt free business.  Being doing so
> for over twenty years.  i.e. I live in the real world, and one that's
> well managed.
> The one needing to get a clue, here, is you.  You ONLY speak for
> yourself, and opinions are NOT facts.

I was just about to go to bed but this message kept haunting me. There's
lots of truth in what you say here: why care about anything but the facts
and be haunted by questions instead of facts? Sometimes I really wished I
was like you...

Microsoft has 90% of market share, Linux only 1% and people at Microsoft
certainly are very glad. So, why should we be sad? Wouldn't this be giving
Microsoft an edge in gladness?

And if, tomorrow, Linux only has only .01% of the desktop market, would
that be any reason to be sad? Of course not, since you and the codec geeks
-- they'll undoubtedly be the last! -- will always hold the flag. So,
you'll be glad not to be bothered by know-nothing like me and Microsoft...
will they ever be glad!

Once again, everybody will be glad. So why worry, be happy!

Still, a last question keeps haunting me. No doubt, by now, since it's all
well documented facts, you've read "From Microsoft Word to Microsoft
World". In this document, Newman explains how, using its proprietary
formats, Microsoft got rid of pretty much all competition. It brought
every company to their knees, thn, bought and scrapped them one after the

Of course, Microsoft can't play this game with Linux, since Linux uses...
or tries to use open formats. Still, sometimes I wonder if, with all the
money it has, Microsoft couldn't find a way to keep the cap on Linux. You
know, keep it at an acceptable level of nuisance, say, 1% of market share
after 18 years.

Arrrgh! I'm afraid that's what I'll dream about tonight. What a pain I am,
even to myself!

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