Ranter or evangelist?

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Wed Jul 22 08:25:12 UTC 2009

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> >> Excuse me for being rude
> >
> > No.
> >
> > Oh, and I'm middle-aged, and run a debt free
> business.  Being doing so
> > for over twenty years.  i.e. I live in the real
> world, and one that's
> > well managed.
> >
> > The one needing to get a clue, here, is you.  You
> ONLY speak for
> > yourself, and opinions are NOT facts.
> I was just about to go to bed but this message kept
> haunting me. There's
> lots of truth in what you say here: why care about anything
> but the facts
> and be haunted by questions instead of facts? Sometimes I
> really wished I
> was like you...
> Microsoft has 90% of market share, Linux only 1% and people
> at Microsoft
> certainly are very glad. So, why should we be sad? Wouldn't
> this be giving
> Microsoft an edge in gladness?
> And if, tomorrow, Linux only has only .01% of the desktop
> market, would
> that be any reason to be sad? Of course not, since you and
> the codec geeks
> -- they'll undoubtedly be the last! -- will always hold the
> flag. So,
> you'll be glad not to be bothered by know-nothing like me
> and Microsoft...
> will they ever be glad!
> Once again, everybody will be glad. So why worry, be
> happy!
> Still, a last question keeps haunting me. No doubt, by now,
> since it's all
> well documented facts, you've read "From Microsoft Word to
> Microsoft
> World". In this document, Newman explains how, using its
> proprietary
> formats, Microsoft got rid of pretty much all competition.
> It brought
> every company to their knees, thn, bought and scrapped them
> one after the
> other.
> Of course, Microsoft can't play this game with Linux, since
> Linux uses...
> or tries to use open formats. Still, sometimes I wonder if,
> with all the
> money it has, Microsoft couldn't find a way to keep the cap
> on Linux. You
> know, keep it at an acceptable level of nuisance, say, 1%
> of market share
> after 18 years.
> Arrrgh! I'm afraid that's what I'll dream about tonight.
> What a pain I am,
> even to myself!
> -- 

Micro$oft is losing out to google, Twitter, Facebook and others.  In a last ditch effort.  Micro$oft is releasing code to linux.  Check out this at distrowatch.


I like comment 133.  It sounds just about right.  There are many nice comments there.  BTW, Redhat also signed a deal with them, are they really falling off or are they the Borg that is portrayed in comment 133?




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