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F12 networkmanager, anyone else worried by this?

I've just noticed F12 is moving towards NetworkManager for system-wide

In principle it's a good thing, but with Fedora 11 I'm still having NM
problems on two completely different wireless chipsets (rt2500 and
iwl3945) which still refuse to do DHCP, which has been an intermittent
problem since I first started trying to use NM (say around Fedora 8).
It is always blamed on bugs in the drivers, which may be the case, but
NM has always seemed less tolerant of these kinds of problems than the
old system-config-network approach.  Particularly since both cards
work properly once static IP has been set up.

I'm also worried that when other problems (such as recent difficulties
I had with SElinux policies preventing graphical login) occur they
will be harder to fix as it seems more likely that NM will be affected
by other issues, resulting in trying to fix problems without a network
connection available.

Is anyone able to reassure me that NM will finally work this time?


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