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F10 automatic F10 upgrades to F11?

For the last several weeks, I have been getting "automatic"
F11 upgrade notices on my F10 system.  I do not know if
this is a feature or standard operating procedure for this sort
of thing since I have never initiated such an upgrade request
to begin with.

But then again, I thought to myself... why not?  I was getting
tired of waiting for the missing gnome `sessions save' package
which for the most part may never be released for F10.

So, when I was prompted (automatically from yum?) for F10 to
F11 upgrade, I proceeded to start the update process.  After
entering root permission, the upgrade dialog window pops
and and starting "firing away" with the upgrade process:

    "Upgrade your system"
"Preparing system for upgrade"

+ Download release info
+ Download installer images
+ Determine which packages to install
+ Download packages
+ Prepare and test upgrade
+ Ready to begin upgrade
        [Reboot Now]
+ Pressed the [Reboot Now] button
  On rebooting, it shutdown the services, rebooted,
  and grub starts kernel & runs Anaconda.
+ X11 "Finding storage devices... dialogbox pops up
+ X11 Passphrase dialog pops up.  Entered the encrypted disk
   password & checked the "This is a global passphrase" checkbox
+ X11 "Retrieving installation information for installation repo..."
   dialogbox pops up
+ "Checking dependencies in packages selected for installation..."
   & progressbar shows, takes awhile to complete...

The progressbar got 1/3 of the way, and then suddenly X11 quits
and proceeds into text mode:
[TIME] Starting graphical installation...
install exited abnormally [1/1]
disabling swap...
unmounting filesystems...
you may safely reboot your system

So, I had to power-cycle the PC to reboot.

Grub shows:
 Upgrade to Fedora 11 (Leonidas) *
 initng boot  *
 Fedora (
 Windows 2000
* = new additions due to the upgrade process.

I have gone through this about 5 times over the
course of several weeks, each time, resulting a
failed upgrade.  I can still boot into my F10 system,
nothing was lost or corrupted (as far as I can tell) and
the Upgrade repos still remain in the yum directories.

Can someone tell me, what is going on, why is it
that Yum repeatedly does this from time to time
due to a normal F10 boot, yum F10 updates, and
occasionally popping up the upgrade process?

Every time I think "it's gonna work this time..",
upgrades (from F10 to F11) *always* fails.

Kind regards,

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