Functional GIT on F11 ?

Aaron Gray aaronngray.lists at
Wed Jul 22 17:54:56 UTC 2009

2009/7/22 Paul W. Frields stickster at

> You still haven't told us exactly what you are trying to do.  Are you
> trying to just push to a remote repository set up elsewhere?  Set up a
> repository on a system you own to which others can push via SSH?
> Something else?

I have an F10 server with stnadard yum install git version

Just done a yum update git :-

 git                i386           updates
4.2 M
Updating for dependencies:
 git-daemon         i386           updates
119 k
 git-svn            i386           updates
77 k
 gitweb             i386           updates
55 k
 perl-Git           i386           updates
22 k

Anyway just done an update and it seem to be working now, this is
marvelous !:)

My next problem is how to administer priveledges for multiple users on the
same git repository ?

Anyway thanks,

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