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Re: Functional GIT on F11 ?

Aaron Gray wrote:
> Anyway just done an update and it seem to be working now, this is
> marvelous !:)

Heh, magic! :)

> My next problem is how to administer priveledges for multiple users
> on the same git repository ?

It depends on how fine-grained you want things.  If all the users have
ssh accounts on the system, you can just make the repository shared
and add everyone who should have commit privileges to the group used
for the repository.  This is how it is done on fedorahosted.org.  For
example, if your git repo is at /git/repo.git:

    # Tell git the repository is shared
    $ git --git-dir /git/repo.git config core.sharedrepository true

    # Set proper group ownership
    $ chgrp -R gitgroup /git/repo.git

    # Make all directories setgid
    $ find /git/repo.git -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;

    # Ensure files and dirs are group writable
    $ find /git/repo.git/ \( -type f -o -type d \) -a \
                          \( -perm /u+w -a ! -perm /g+w \) \
        xargs chmod g+w

Another alternative is to use gitosis, which is intended to allow you
to let people without shell accounts on your system to push commits
via ssh.  There is a gitosis package for Fedora.  I've only used it
briefly, so I'm not all that great at explaining how to use it.  There
is some documentation on setup and use of gitosis (geared for Debian
and Ubuntu) at:


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