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Re: Functional GIT on F11 ?

2009/7/22 Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com>
Aaron Gray wrote:
> Yeah, I have asked git-svn Q's there before but not got any real
> answers.


> One last question if you have the answer.
> How do I use git-svn clone/fetch with bare repositories ?
> It just does not seem to work anyway round I try it.

AIUI, git svn expects a non-bare repository.  But it seems that with a
little effort you can convince it otherwise:


I use git svn to interact with a few upstream projects stuck on svn
and what I've done is use git svn clone to setup a clone.  To work on
that from a few places, I push from that clone into a bare git repo
which I can then pull and push from on my other systems.

Mostly though, I work on these projects from my laptop - the original
git svn clone.  Since svn can't handle a non-linear history, I end up
rebasing things in git before pushing them back to svn anyway, so I
treat the master branch of the git svn clone as my final staging area.
I tend to not make anything but trivial commits directly on master.

My use case might not be as sophisticated as yours, so I may not have
too many good suggestions for you. :)
Right I am not doing upstream commits back to svn luckily. I submit patches which I prefer anyway as it keeps things simpler and safer; I really don't want to corrupt a major software projects repository :)
Thanks again for the help and advice, I am going to do one of my ssh crib sheets for git that I can cut and paste into the terminal, makes life simpler, and less error prone. I was thinking I could allow the user to enter their repository path then generate all the command lines for whatever they want to choose, all with a little bit of _javascript_, for a bit of fun :)

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