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Re: Functional GIT on F11 ?

2009/7/22 Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com>
Aaron Gray wrote:
> Right I am not doing upstream commits back to svn luckily. I submit
> patches which I prefer anyway as it keeps things simpler and safer;
> I really don't want to corrupt a major software projects repository
> :)

Where's the fun in being safe? ;)

> Thanks again for the help and advice, I am going to do one of my ssh
> crib sheets for git that I can cut and paste into the terminal,
> makes life simpler, and less error prone. I was thinking I could
> allow the user to enter their repository path then generate all the
> command lines for whatever they want to choose, all with a little
> bit of _javascript_, for a bit of fun :)

You have a good definition of fun, I like that.
Yeah, quick useful scripts or hacks can make life alot easier and more fun.

If you haven't seen this already, it might be something you'll like.
You can avoid having to type in the full remote URL when you do a
push, pull, fetch, etc by using the git remote command (or just
editing the git config file) in a repository.  Say I want to push and
pull from a repo fairly often, in my working repo I could run
something like this:

   # Add an 'fp' remote to save some typing
   $ git remote add fp ssh://fedorapeople.org/~tmz/public_git/some.git
Nice :)

   # List the configured remotes and their URLs
   $ git remote -v
   fp      ssh://fedorapeople.org/~tmz/public_git/some.git

   # Push my master branch to fedorapeople.org
   $ git push fp master

You can have many remotes configured, making it easy to push and pull
between a bunch of people.

The bash completion shipped with git will even complete these remote
names for me, allowing me to avoid yet more typing (at the expense of
my poor tab key).  Using that, perhaps you could generate the git
remote lines for your users, to help make their pushes easier to read
and type.
Yeah, I don't really have any other users at present, but that may change depending on how the project goes. I really need a better uprate on my server as its only a 1/4 Megabit up :(
I tried a three months ago to get git+ssh pushes to work with another guy and failed then tried github but had problems with that as I could not get syncing with the svn repository to work preoperly for some reason I cannot remember. Anyway great I have a working repository now and can get down to some real work.
Cheers, Aaron

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