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Re: Adding groups to a user

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On 07/22/09 15:41, quoth Aaron Gray:
> 209/7/22 Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com <mailto:tmz pobox com>>
>     Aaron Gray wrote:
>     > I am trying to add group permissions to a user.
>     >
>     > [root]# usermod ang -a -G git
>     >
>     > 'groups ang' is just showing 'ang : ang'.
>     The order matters to usermod I believe.  Put the options before the
>     username, e.g.:
>        # usermod -a -G git ang
> Ah I knew I had to be doing something very silly :}
> Thanks Todd,
> Aaron

Right. There's a standard for how command options should work.

verb options arguments

That's why we have getopt and that's why I shudder when I see people
reinventing wheels.

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