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Re: Fedora 11 install on MacBook Pro 5,2 fails

2009/7/23 Henrik Frisk <frisk h gmail com>:
> Dear all,
> I'm having trouble installing Fedora 11 on my brand new MacBook Pro. With
> the live CD (x86_64) will computer will not boot stopping at a black screen,
> no messages. Booting from the DVD (also x86_64) the installer (anaconda)
> starts up, the first screen with the option to check media displays. The
> test passes but continuing eventually ends in a freeze with a small pointer
> displaying at the middle of the screen.

Can you please try it with xdriver=vesa as an anaconda boot option?

> I would really prefer to run Fedora than OSX on this machine so I'm hoping
> someone could help. I read a blogpost saying I should go for the 64bit
> version but maybe that's the problem? Or maybe, it's the dual graphics cards
> in this machine that confuses the installer (see below)?
> Any hints would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
> Best,
> Henrik
> Hardware info:


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