httpd fails after boot

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Thu Jul 23 22:09:22 UTC 2009

On 09-07-23 17:40:50, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
> > If that would work, then I could just as well export
> > the variable from /etc/init.d/httpd .  I just tried
> > that and the web server started, but the variable
> > was not available in the bash shell, so I am still
> > stuck with setting it in two places.
> > 
> What does /etc/sysconfig/httpd look like? Is it possible that you
> are using the wrong format? You do not really want to change the
> /etc/init.d/httpd scipt, as an update will probably kill the changes.

That's not what he's up to.  He wants an environment variable that is 
used to set up httpd and is also available to other shells, and can't 
find just one place to set it.

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