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Re: Setting up OpenVPN semi-manually

On Friday 24 July 2009 00:24:20 Bill Davidsen wrote:
> It turns out that nothing I could do in NM was
> going to be useful, because NM runs too late, no matter how many "start
> this at boot" boxes I click, it doesn't, so all the things I want to do
> using the tunnel fail.

I would never suggest using NM if you need network access without being logged 
in. Better set up the old network service, it is still there, and works as 
reliably as always. AFAIK, NM still doesn't provide network access until a 
user logs in (please correct me if it does).

That said, I have never had any problems setting up OpenVPN using the network 
service. NM is mainly targeted for laptops, and those typically need network 
access only when a user is present, and OpenVPN also rarely comes into play 
for laptops.

Just my 2 cents. ;-)

Best, :-)

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