Fedora 11: Switching to single user mode (runlevel 1) -- Hey g.

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 23 23:59:50 UTC 2009

Tim wrote:

> I don't recall seeing anyone asking him to do that, nor him refusing to
> do that.  Perhaps you might ask him, and *then* see what happens.

some people consider themselves above asking and they get nowhere.

there have been request from list subscribers for me to send them my pgp key
and i have replied with my key.

granted, the one's who have tried to tell me how wrong i was in not loading
my key to a public server, i played with them, but i do believe that i have
sent my key to them. with 1 exception.

you, and another poster to this ravel, suggested that i post my key, which in
ways is a good suggestion. i feel there is something lacking in doing so.

a better solution, in my opinion, is it does have advantage in that i will
have a list of who has my key. then, if/when i have need or reason to change
my key, there will be no need to request again, as i will have a list of those
who have old key and i can send them new key.


for readers of this list, if you have not filtered my email address, and you
would like to receive my pgp key, please use this link and i will send you
my key and you will be added to list of key holders.

   mailto:geleem at bellsouth.net?subject=pgp.key-send.0001

for readers of this list, if you have not filtered my email address, and you
already have my pgp key, please use this link to ensure that you are in list.

   mailto:geleem at bellsouth.net?subject=pgp.key-list.0001

_please_ use the above 'hot links' as i have set filters to forward your email
to a folder that i have viewable in folder tree pane. when your email arrives,
i will send key asap. any delay will only be because i am not online.

thank you.

tim, thank you.

and please excuse delay in replying. i was waiting for noise level to drop.


peace out.



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