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Re: active network connection stops working...

Sorry.  I messed up my mailing list subscriptions.
I need to respond to a previous message in this thread.

I saw your response on

You indicated there is no DNS resolution?
What is in your /etc/resolv.conf file please?

My /etc/resolv.conf file contains the following because I currently use
cableone.net as my ISP:
rsewill rsewill:~ <2:5> $ more /etc/resolv.conf
; generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
rsewill rsewill:~ <2:6> $ 

Can you ping an IP address if you do not use DNS resolution?
When I ping www.google.com, I get the following:
rsewill rsewill:~ <2:6> $ ping www.google.com
PING www.l.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from iy-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=243

Can you ping www.google.com?
Can you ping

Am I correct in assuming you have never been able to surf the Internet
through this active network connection?  My previous comments assumed
you could surf the Internet, but your connection eventually failed.

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