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Bad crash during FC10/FC11 startup. screen appears to blink some errors codes before death.

Following recent updates (2..3 weeks ago), a reboot of FC10 resulted in a hard crash right after 'S99local' is processed.

The error messages seemed to implicate yum.updatesd and yum.config, and also appeared to suggest a syntax error (dispaying a lines of usage info).

The crash was very unusual in that the entire screen blinked many times, reminiscent of old-style numeric bios beep codes. It blinked just a bit fast for me to count the numbers, which appears to be maybe 6 digits?

I thought an upgrade to FC11 might fix it- bad idea, it didn't. I can still get in with Rescue DVD in order to backup my data, but I'd prefer to repair the install rather than start over.

HW is a few-years-old 900Mhz AMD system, pretty generic, plus old SCSI card (for page scanner only).

Anybody seen anything like this recently?


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