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Re: When will we ever have an upgrade with sound that just works ?

Linuxguy123 wrote:
> I've been using Redhat/Fedora since RH8.
> It seems that every time we get a new version sound gets broken and I
> have to go through a whole complicated and convoluted troubleshooting
> sequence to get it running again.
> Wireless networking used to be like that and now it seems to work
> release after release.  When will sound get the same attention to detail
> that Wireless got ?
> Sound worked just fine in F8 and F10, after some fiddling, of course.
> Along comes F11 and I've got nothing, in spite of spending literally
> days mucking and fiddling around.  The pundits say that the problem is
> my complicated, unsupported sound card (Intel HDA), but it worked just
> fine in F8 and F10 and it hasn't changed since.  If it ran fine in F8
> and F10, why should it suddenly be OK to NOT run in F11 ?
> The funny part of all this is the pulse audio component.  Pulse audio
> seems to be bug ridden.  There doesn't seem to be any real documentation
> for troubleshooting it.  And yet one gets chastised if one says they
> want to remove it and run without it.
> Oh, yeah... I forgot... Fedora is bleeding edge.  The funny thing is
> that we've been bleeding on the sound card issues since RH8 and there
> doesn't seem to be any end in sight.  And I would hardly call sound
> systems leading edge in this day and age.
> When (and how) will this madness end ?
Just a couple of points - sound, and pulse audio, work for me out of
the box. So I can not do any troubleshooting on it. If you are
having problems, are you filing bug reports? Things are NOT going to
get fixed if the people having problems do not file a bug report,
and provide the needed details. Complaining on this list will will
not do much to get the problem fixed.

Yes, some people have problems with pulse audio. Some people have
problems with ALSA. But without knowing your hardware/software
configuration, it is hard to know why.

I have a TV card/video card combo that will luck up any system I
have tried to use them both in. It does not happen in other
combinations. (This appears to be OS and motherboard independent.)
How do you test for that if you do not have the same hardware

Before you ask, no I have not filed a bug report - I don't consider
this a Fedora problem, as it is not limited to Fedora, or even a
Linux problem. If anything, the system gets farther booting Fedora
then it does booting Windows.


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