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Re: Why is my load ave so high now?

On 07/24/2009 02:04 PM, Andrew Parker wrote:
12 is high.  is the system responsive?  if it is, then this again
points to something that has been nice'd (such as seti), in which case
its not a problem, except for sendmail - which I would then configure
for higher limits.

Mostly responsive. In the past, I've loaded it heavily enough that it swapped mightily and waiting for tings to swap back in could take a while. This is definitely not the case right now.

if its not seti and the system is not very responsive then it could be
something continuously spawning short lived processes.  these can be
hard to spot, run the following and see if the process IDs differ by

bash -c 'echo $$'
sleep 5
bash -c 'echo $$'

pids differ by 2-3 numbers, but if I run it again, it usually starts where the last one left off....

if they differ by much, then something is creating processes too
quickly.  you can usually spot these by running pstree -plan a couple
of times and seeing what the differences are.  you may have to do that
a couple of times to spot what is causing the problems.

pstree diffs only shows itself as changing....

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