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Re: When will we ever have an upgrade with sound that just works ?

On Friday 24 July 2009, William Case wrote:
>In defence of everybody's position.
>From reading the submitted bugs, google reports and postings here
>PulseAudio often gets blamed for bugs that properly lie elsewhere. On
>the other hand, the PulseAudio maintainers and gnome gui creators do
>themselves no favours by refusing to write manuals that start at the
>ground up for sound newbies who are trying to figure out what is going
>on with their sound system.  How can someone confidently submit a bug
>report with the proper data if they have no idea or have a confused
>concept of what is happening on their machines?

+1000 Bill

Docs and tuts please, or this madness continues essentially forever.

Yes, it would be nice to have it Just Work(TM), but until there is enough 
available info so we can sort this ourselves, how about a script that surveys 
the system, including the present configuration setup, and mails it to 
Leenart?  His having a good overview of our non-functioning systems would have 
to be a plus...

Cheers, Gene
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