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Re: When will we ever have an upgrade with sound that just works ?

2009/7/24 Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 gmail com>:
> I am totally lost as to how the chain of soundcard -> sc driver -> alsa
> -> PulseAudio -> Phonon, various players + plugins works.

I was also lost on this for a long time, however the work I've been
doing recently has meant that I've spent quite a bit of time reading
up on it and I've got a pretty good idea these days although not so
much at the lower level.
Maybe I'll try to write something up some time, however I'll need help
from those that know the finer details. I've got some spare time next
week so I might try to write an article on what I know and see if I
can get help with the bits I'm not clear on. If it happens (which it
might not!) I'll be sure to post it around in useful places.

>>  Also, it was working in F10 but not F11 so
>> it's a regression.
> My case too.

Although very possibly for different reasons. In my case it seems that
the same chip (ICE1712) is used in lots of different devices with
different capabilities, i.e. some are 2-channel, some are 4-channel,
some are 10-channel. Differentiating between them seems to be the
problem. In my case it used to work but probably someone with the
10-channel device had problems, filed a bug report, and it was then
fixed for him and broken for me. I'm not saying that definitely
happened, but it seems to be something along those lines.

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