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Re: When will we ever have an upgrade with sound that just works ?

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Chris<chris1 noreply googlemail com> wrote:

> Maybe I'll try to write something up some time, however I'll need help
> from those that know the finer details. I've got some spare time next
> week so I might try to write an article on what I know and see if I
> can get help with the bits I'm not clear on. If it happens (which it
> might not!) I'll be sure to post it around in useful places.
I'm sure many will appreciate it if you write something up.

>>>  Also, it was working in F10 but not F11 so
>>> it's a regression.
>> My case too.
> Although very possibly for different reasons. In my case it seems that
> the same chip (ICE1712) is used in lots of different devices with
> different capabilities, i.e. some are 2-channel, some are 4-channel,
> some are 10-channel. Differentiating between them seems to be the
> problem. In my case it used to work but probably someone with the
> 10-channel device had problems, filed a bug report, and it was then
> fixed for him and broken for me. I'm not saying that definitely
> happened, but it seems to be something along those lines.

This regression issue and the bug fix breakage could be valuable clues
to developers, have you filed a bug report about this?

As for myself, I have yet to get sound working on F11, although I
haven't put too much effort into it, yet.


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