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Re: Why is my load ave so high now?

On 07/24/2009 04:52 PM, Bill Davidsen wrote:

You think 91% of your CPU going to astropulse has something to do with
it? Try turning viewing of threads, I don't see how you would get that

I'll say it again. BOINC is niced to 19. It only runs when there is nothing else to run. It is not even consuming all memory (no, or very little swap is in use), so other processes still remain resident.

Under F8 the same mix of programs (actually more programs running concurrently) had a lower load average by a factor of 3! The answer must be something else.

However, something Aaron said got me thinking. The kernel may be using a different process scheduler in F10 than it was in F8. That is definitely something for me to look into.

load unless you had multiple threads running. And you can attach a
".txt" file, so the lines don't get wrapped. In any case, it's low
priority and nice so if you have anything useful running it should get
the CPU.

I agree. In fact, the 2 ssh connections I have to it from my laptop remain very responsive. Its just the large number that bothers me.

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