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Re: cdrkit isoinfo and iso-info

On 07/25/2009 04:13 AM, Bill Davidsen wrote:

> Fedora does this with cdrecord, putting some package called 'token' or
> 'hokum' or some such in place of the real package by that name from the
> author who wrote it and has maintained it for 15 years. Every time I
> have to download and install the real version I question the ethics of
> using a different program which is subtly different instead of just
> leaving it out totally. I believe token is a hack of what cdrecord was
> about seven years ago.

Very inaccurate. Wodim is a fork of cdrecord in 2006 and the fork was a
direct result of the cdrecord author changing some of the files into the
CDDL license and thereby creating a license incompatibility that caused
the source to be non redistributable (Except by the author). Since a
number of programs have traditionally called the cdrecord binary
directly, wodim installs a symlink for backward compatibility. More
details at the following references.




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