Strange Disk Partitionaing issue with Clean Fedora 11 Upgrade

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On 24 Jul 2009 at 18:19, Bill Davidsen wrote:

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> Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
> > I've had a strange result when doing a clean update to Fedora 11 on my 
> > classroom lab systems. 
> > 
> > The machine currently has 98, XP, and Fedora 10. 
> > 98 is sda1
> > XP is sda5
> > Boot is sda6
> > LVM is sda7 (root and swap)
> > 
> > The sda7 is 37953MB
> > 
> > I go thru the installations, and tell it to replace existing Linux on disk.
> > The sda7 partition is changed to 33210MB and leaves 4743MB of Free 
> > Space? Any ideal why it would reduce the size of the partition? 
> > 
> May I take a guess? It took the size of / and made the partition that, and wants 
> swap to be another partition. That's a guess, no refund if wrong.

The new LVM on sda7 still has the root and swap (2G) setup. I did a 
preupgrade on another system, and it kept everything the same.

The upgrade has LogVol00 as the root and LogVol01 as swap.
The clean install has lv_root as root and lv_swap as the swap.

Also noticed that upgrade has the swap at the front of the lvm, but clean 
install has it at the end?

I sure the clean install used the ext4 format for the lvm, but the preupgrade 
seems to still have the ext3 format. Wonder if it is something with ext4??

gparted doesn't show ext3 or ext4 for the partition, but just lvm2.

Not sure what might show the ext3 or ext4 of the LVM.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to create another partition using the 4.63GB 
of space, so it didn't seem to be left for something. 

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