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Re: e2fsck -y wipe all my data

On 07/24/2009 06:02 PM, g wrote:
yordy wrote:

Any idea why is this? Or how can I restore all the data pre existing in that

in addition to link jd posted, from a terminal, run 'man e2fsck'.

press '/' and type in '-y', press <enter>, press 'n' key twice to see
what you did.

after, read entire man for e2fsck to have a better understanding of how
it works.

before you run any command that you are not sure of, use 'man' to read
up on operation.

it has been said many times, 'man is your friend', and it can save you
a lot of problems by knowing how commands work.


You also need to know that in the root dir of the partition
that got wiped out, you will find a directory called lost+found,
where ALL of your lost files are saved, albeit, not in a form you
can use nor make any sense out of.

If that dir is empty, well, or it does not exist, then I believe
the stuff is pretty much gone.

BUT (always a but), look at those links I sent. There is some
software that can help you if you know what you are doing.



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