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6. Re: When will we ever have an upgrade with sound that just, works ?

On 07/24/2009 02:06 PM, fedora-list-request redhat com wrote:
2009/7/24 William Case<billlinux rogers com>:
>   From reading the submitted bugs, google reports and postings here
>  PulseAudio often gets blamed for bugs that properly lie elsewhere. On
>  the other hand, the PulseAudio maintainers and gnome gui creators do
>  themselves no favours by refusing to write manuals that start at the
>  ground up for sound newbies who are trying to figure out what is going
>  on with their sound system.  How can someone confidently submit a bug
>  report with the proper data if they have no idea or have a confused
>  concept of what is happening on their machines?

Totally agree with both the points here. I've had a lot of problems
with sound myself and disabling pulseaudio gets it working, however
that doesn't necessarily mean pulse is at fault. In my case I believe
it's the ALSA configuration that is presented to pulse. Bug report

Incidentally you do not*need*  to remove pulseaudio. You can edit
/etc/pulse/client.conf, add a line that says "autospawn = no", then do
"pulseaudio -k". Whilst it may be annoying to have packages installed
that aren't being used, it gets around the dependency issue although I
believe pulseaudio is quite light on dependencies.

The second line of the last paragraph is the single most useful thing I have read about pulseaudio! It is NOT apparent in the minimalist documention of pulse. I have been a linux user since FC5. And I have never been able to get pulse to work, on ANY motherboard/audio chipset. Since pulse + alsa setup is so cryptic and completely undocumented, if there actually are any alsa misconfigurations to my Intel HDA audio chips, I will never know. So I cannot file bug reports. Instead, I have always used the 'wooden-stake+silver-bullet+garlic' method: remove everything!

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         I may wish to offend you again in the future.

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