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Mike Adolf wrote:
> I am not sure this is the best list for this post. But, I thought I
> would start here. If no answers, maybe someone could direct me
> elsewhere.
> When I make a DVD backup with, say K9copy, and play it on my comercical 
> DVD player hooked to a relitively cheap digital tv, the sound is not
> sufficient to overcome the noise of my exercise equipment - even wearing
> a headset. So, Is it possible to separate the audio track amplify it and
> recombine it for a new DVD? If so, how?
> Mike
When using the wizard, you can set the audio boost by clicking on
settings, selecting MPEG-4 and opening the Audio tab.

I believe that dvdrip will separate out the audio for you, or let
you modify it. From the documentation:

5.9 Volume rescaling / Audio filters

The DVD sound often is too low, so you want to increase the volume.
You can use transcode's volume rescaler for this. First the audio
track is scanned for the maximum volume. With this scan value
transcode raises the volume to the maximum possible while transcoding.

Volume rescaling is very static, you may find the sound is still too
low, if your movie's sound is very dynamic. transcode offers some
audio filters, which adjust the volume dynamically, which you can
choose also in dvd::rip.

You could also use all the tools dvdrip uses from the command line.
If you want to build a script to do the same job.


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