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Re: Why Fedora is for experts only?

On 07/24/2009 06:29 PM, gilpel altern org wrote
I'm trying to figure out what our great experts would lose if there was a
pause for choosing the kernel. If they don't like this setting, they
wouldn't have to use vi, just the Administration menu. All it takes is a
few seconds and, thereafter, they would never have to suffer a pause when
they reboot every six month.

What's the name of the guy responsible for this mess? Can you imagine
proselytizing Mac users and having to make sure they understand they will
have to change a default setting, otherwise, they may be locked out of
their system?

Even better are the stupid messes where there is NO default setting to change. Google 'kstartupconfig4 error 3' No-one, and I mean no-one knows what causes this, or how to fix it. (Well, if there IS a 'great expert' who knows this, he's not talking). And what happens when you get this error? You cannot log in as a normal user.

So I've been forced to log in as root for well over a month now on this laptop. (Quick! Get the smelling salts! A grey-bearded pony-tailed guru just fainted with an attack of the vapours!) And the problem has existed since I "upgraded" to F11...I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the /home partition was retained from F10 and that the chcon context might have something to do with it, but then, like pulseaudio, chcon has entirely too minimal a set of documentation. And I didn't even know chcon existed until a week ago, when it turned up as the possible source/answer to a completely different question about httpd.

It is the lack of documentation which makes Fedora (and Mandriva, and Ubuntu) an OS for experts only.....

        Please let me know if anything I say offends you.
         I may wish to offend you again in the future.

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