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Re: Why Fedora is for experts only?

gilpel altern org wrote:


> But there's one *stoupid* thing that really puzzles me. When I rebooted
> after installation, I noticed there was no pause for choosing the kernel.
> I thought maybe that was because there was only one kernel installed.

[the word is 'stupid', but i understand why of your spelling]

this is cause by how grub's boot configuration file '/boot/grub/grub.conf',
is set up by default.

normally, you will find with in 'grub.conf';


default = default boot kernel.
  if you have more than one distribution or more than one kernel, you change
  the number to match which kernel/distribution you wish to boot.

timeout = delay time before grub starts kernel boot.
  delay time in seconds

splashimage = the graphic display you see when grub is booting.
  you can change this to a different image, remove it entirely, or comment out
  with '#' at start of line

hiddenmenu  = hides the selection menu.
  hides startup menu from view. pressing <tab> reveals menu, where you
  select what you want to boot

splashimage, hiddenmenu can be commented out with '#' or removed.

in each 'kernel' line, you will see 'rhgb' and 'quiet'. remove 'rhgb' to
for a 'plain text' menu. remove 'quiet' to see output lines as kernel
boots and other loading proceeds.

> But, then, a new kernel arrived and nothing changed. "What if the new
> kernel doesn't work",

when a kernel is upgraded, new kernel is added to 'grub.conf' and placed at
top position of selections. this is where you use options of setting up how
grub is configured to boot.

use this link to find more on operation of grub;


> Then, yesterday, came a new kernel with a bunch of updates. I installed
> all of them. "You need to reboot", I was told. I did, got into a 800 x 600
> login screen and never could log in in graphic mode.

sounds like you were dropped to runlevel 3. after login, entering 'startx' at
command line prompt will start x server.

in file '/etc/inittab' you will find a line 'id:n:initdefault:'. 'n' is a
value that is explained in section above it.


> Now, imagine a newbie coming to Fedora. A selection of upgrades is
> suggested. He has absolutely no idea of what is what and just clicks
> "upgrade everything". He might not even be aware that a new kernel has
> been installed.

this is all a part of learning linux. sad, but true.

because it is true, there are tech support list, like this one, for most,
if not all, linux distributions. plus, there is 'google linux'.

> He's asked to reboot, he does, then can't log in anymore. The upgrade has
> broken his system!!! What's the solution?

press tab at start of boot and select previous kernel. hope previous kernel
is ok with upgrades.

> If he's not completely pissed off at this stage, he will boot with his
> LiveCD and seek help. He will, I suppose, be told to log in as root and...
> with vi, modify grub. Of course, the experts giving him this advice won't
> teach him how to use vi, you know command mode, insert mode and so on.
> Newbies have to RTFM!!!

or ask on tsl, search on google, and check vim [aka vi] web site;

> But newbie won't RTFM, he'll just fdisk /MBR . Another user lost for Linux.

that is an unfortunate event that does happen.

> I'm trying to figure out what our great experts would lose if there was a
> pause for choosing the kernel.

see above.


> What's the name of the guy responsible for this mess? Can you imagine

every programmer who writes software for linux and does not bother to
write a documentation, because he thinks his short comments are adequate.


> But loudmouths keep on evangelizing that 1% of the market share after 18
> years is a proof that Linux is doing really good...

it is higher than 1%. also, there are many web sites and isp's that hide
they are using linux by throwing out ms os identification.


> Who are these everything-is-perfect loudmouths working for? Linux? Really?
> I can't help but wonder, despite the help they may provide on various
> groups to make themselves a reputation, if those people are anything but
> Microsoft/Apple shills.

you would think so, but many of them are 'msbsos wiz kids' that have moved
into linux and think they are now 'linux guru's'. some are, many are not,
and they still use msbsos.

> Linux needs a better market share and it could get it easily without
> making geeks angry.

it is geeks that makes 'new to linux users' angry and disappointed.


peace out.



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