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Re: When will we ever have an upgrade with sound that just works ?

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 3:32 PM, Chris<chris1 noreply googlemail com> wrote:
>> As for myself, I have yet to get sound working on F11, although I
>> haven't put too much effort into it, yet.
> I would recommend that first you try disabling, but not un-installing
> pulseaudio (see my earlier post in this thread on how to do this).
> Also, don't try the same audio app over and over when you are testing.
> Different apps work differently. I would suggest you try each of the
> following:
> 1. A media player which uses phonon - e.g. amarok. (In this case there
> are a couple of issues, phonon on linux has two backends - gstreamer
> and xine.) On my home PC I have problems with the xine backend - "yum
> remove phonon-backend-xine" fixes things for me. Also, make sure
> you've got all the gstreamer plugins installed. That involves
> installing rpmfusion, doing "yum search gstreamer-plugins", and
> installing at least the "good", "bad" and "ugly" rpms.
> 2. A media player which has built-in decoders - e.g. vlc. When I say
> built-in, it relies on ffmpeg for its decoding AFAIK.
> 3. The flash plugin within firefox - I don't know what backend it uses
> but I've found it often works when nothing else does!
> I'd suggest you try each of those with and without pulseaudio and it
> might give you some clues as to where the problem is. PITA I know but
> I've been through it all! :)
> HTH, Chris.
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Thanks for the tips, Chris, I will give them a try next chance I get.
Since my F11 box is miles away at the moment it may be a couple days
before that happens...

Although being methodical can be painful its usually worth it.



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