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vnc and inetd

I am trying to get vnc working via inetd on my Fedora Core 8 machine. I
want to be able to use a vnc viewer to open up a window and get a login
window, so I can be logged into the same machine twice under different

I followed the man page for Xvnc:
In the nowait mode, Xvnc uses its standard input and output directly as
the connection to a viewer.  It never has a listening socket, so cannot
accept  further connections from viewers (it can however connect out to
listening viewers by use of the  vncconfig  program).   Further  viewer
connections  to  the  same  TCP port result in inetd spawning off a new
Xvnc to deal with each connection.  When the connection to  the  viewer
dies,  the  Xvnc  and  any associated X clients die.  This behaviour is
most useful when combined with the XDMCP options -query and -once.   An
typical example in inetd.conf might be (all on one line):

5950    stream    tcp  nowait  nobody   /usr/local/bin/Xvnc Xvnc -inetd
       -query localhost -once securitytypes=none

In this example a viewer connection to :50 will result in  a  new  Xvnc
for  that connection which should display the standard XDM login screen
on that machine.  Because the user needs to login via XDM, it  is  usu-
ally OK to accept connections without a VNC password in this case.

Of course I had to make an xinetd file, but I seem to have this working.
I am running as nobody from xinetd as mentioned above if that is a
problem. I can connect with a vnc viewer and it pops up a new window.
However, I don't get the xdm login window, just a blank pattern. The
docs imply that it'll coordinate with xdm and give me a login window.

I found instructions here to try and get xdm to work with a vnc window:


I changed all the files mentioned and rebooted. But, I still just get a
window with a blank pattern when I connect to :50. When I try to run the
xdm test:

X -query hostname :1

it seems to start something up another window but with the same blank
background pattern I see in the vnc window. I can ctl-alt-F7 &
ctl-alt-F8 to go back and forth.

But, it seems like I am missing something that will enable xdm to take
control of the new windows created.

What am I missing ?

Chris Kottaridis

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