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Re: vnc and inetd

Chris Kottaridis wrote:

> I followed the man page for Xvnc:
> =====================================================
> In the nowait mode, Xvnc uses its standard input and output directly as
> the connection to a viewer.  It never has a listening socket, so cannot
> accept  further connections from viewers (it can however connect out to
> listening viewers by use of the  vncconfig  program).   Further  viewer
> connections  to  the  same  TCP port result in inetd spawning off a new
> Xvnc to deal with each connection.  When the connection to  the  viewer
> dies,  the  Xvnc  and  any associated X clients die.  This behaviour is
> most useful when combined with the XDMCP options -query and -once.   An
> typical example in inetd.conf might be (all on one line):
> 5950    stream    tcp  nowait  nobody   /usr/local/bin/Xvnc Xvnc -inetd
>        -query localhost -once securitytypes=none

the vnc-ltsp-config package does much of this for you, may be worth taking a 

-- Rex

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