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Re: cdrkit isoinfo and iso-info

On 07/25/2009 07:26 AM, Antonio Olivares wrote:

> Thank you for sharing that Rahul.  However, does not he provide examples or where this happens on the above referenced page?

No. For example. An important claim "Sun lawyers made a full legal
review on the cdrtools package between August and November 2008 and did
not find any license problem.". You will find no reference to it
anywhere. r.

> I do not know about legal stuff, but if he is granting use of his program isn't this enough to distribute the program without problems, Only ones who would object would probably be Debian camp who made the fork anyway?

It doesn't work that way. If I develop a program and tell you that you
are free to distribute it but the license in my program doesn't allow
you to do so, you just cannot. My words are not the license.


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