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Re: Playing quicktime movies on Firefox

>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Murphy <frankly3d gmail com> writes:

    Frank> On 25/07/09 19:55, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> There's a webpage at:
    >> http://www.odonatacentral.org/index.php/GalleryAction.movie?movie=libellula-croceipennis%28hlf%29.mov&scientific_name=Libellula%20croceipennis&common_name=Neon%20Skimmer

 Frank>Plays fine with Totem

Thanks Frank.
rpm -q totem tells me I have it installed. If I look in Firefox
preferences, against quicktime video (and many other video formats),
it says:

Use MozPlugger 1.12.1 handles QuickTime and Windows Media Player
Plugin (in Firefox)

I don't know anything about MozPlugger - is it supposed to invoke
totem? The dropdown gives one alternative (Use Movie Player
(default)). Does this mean totem? I'm going to try it and see if it works.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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