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Re: F11 Sound without PulseAudio ?

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> No, on the machine with vlc PA works fine for two channel output, with
> vlc, xine, mplayer, mpg321, audacity, etc. I was making the point that
> removing PA has not been required on that machine. If PA has a menu to
> enable 4ch, 5.1ch, etc I've never found it, but just two channels work
> fine (not as loud as they should be but I've only got the five basic
> mixers and volume controls installed).
From the FAQ:
    Many people have a surround card, but have speakers for just two
channels, so PulseAudio can't really default to a surround setup. To
enable all the channels, edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf: uncomment the
default-sample-channels line (i.e. remove the semicolon from the
beginning of the line) and set the value to 6 if you have a 5.1
setup, or 8 if you have 7.1 setup etc. After doing the edit, restart


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